AI Consultation

Do you have ideas for using AI (e.g., large language models or other tools) in research? Are you planning a grant submission involving the use of AI? Let us know by scheduling a free consultation. The Office of Research and the research AI task force will help you understand capabilities, costs, and compliance considerations, and assist you with preparation of grant budgets and letters of support. Over time, we will be developing additional resources on the AI website to address FAQs and other needs. 

Request Consultation

This service is free for the entire consultation period.


Please send AI-specific comments or questions to: [email protected]

Please send other comments or questions on the consultation intake process to Consultation Services: [email protected]

If you have not been contacted by a member of the consulting team within three business days of submitting your request, please contact Consultation Services.


About AI for Research

AI for research consultations provided by UCSF IT and the Office of CRIO in partnership with CTSI Consultation Services