Clinical Study Tools & Tips

Data Tools

  • Sample Size Calculators — developed by CTSI Consultation Services
  • Validated Measures for Research with Vulnerable & Special Populations — find survey instruments selected for applicability to groups under-represented in patient-oriented research
  • Table 1 SAS Macro — a free tool for UCSF researchers, developed by CTSI Consultation Services. The Table 1 SAS macro summarizes continuous and categorical variables by subgroups, and generates:
    • A summary table that is useful for a simple analysis/first look at a data set
    • A final demographic descriptive table that may be used in the typical Table 1 of a clinical paper
    • Based on the paper in the attached link, we strongly advise investigators against testing baseline variables for imbalance and instead suggest adjusting for important covariates as planned a priori based on the statistical literature. Senn S (1994) Testing for Baseline Balance in Clinical Trials. Statistics in Medicine, 13(17):1715-1726.
  • More resources at

Randomization Tools

The resources and comments below were provided by UCSF faculty. If you have feedback regarding these resources, or other suggestions to add, please let us know.

Recruitment & Communication