Consultation Services Policies


Consultation Services (CS) recommends that all clients encrypt data sets before emailing.

Consultation Services is committed to scientific excellence and providing easily accessible, expert advice. Because of CS' responsibility to advance the quality of research, requests for project deliverables are subject to review by your individual consultant for meeting scientific standards; not all requested deliverables are guaranteed.


With the goal of improving the quality and quantity of science at UCSF and affiliated CTSI institutions, the UCSF CTSI's Consultation Services Program provides a variety of free services, along with an option to purchase additional services on a recharge basis.

What is free:

  1. The initial consultation with each of our Consultation Services Units (Biostatistics, Design, Data Management), up to 1 hour, is free for any project based at UCSF and affiliated CTSI institutions.
  2. Investigators writing grants that include a biostatistician as a co-investigator for at least 10% effort will receive up to 20 additional free hours of consultation and writing assistance from Division of Biostatistics in support of the grant application.

What is not free:

  1. Subsequent consultations and work done by consultants after the initial consultation.
  2. Review of a manuscript or grant (beyond that offered above), unless the question for the consultant is very focused and can be accomplished within the initial consultation.
  3. Performance of statistical analysis and hands-on database work, even if a full initial hour of consultation has not been used.

If you anticipate that you will need more than 1 hour of services from any Consultation Services Unit, please check the box indicating this and fill out the recharge information section of the Consultation Services Request Form as best you can. We will contact you or a designated financial analyst as needed, and start scheduling additional services when fund information has been verified. Please contact Consultation Services administration ([email protected]) with any questions.

All billing for Consultation Services occurs monthly, following the month of service.

Recharge Rates

CTSI Consultations are supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), National Institutes of Health, through UCSF-CTSI Grant Number UL1 TR001872. UCSF users paying via UCSF recharge with non-industry-sponsored funds are charged the internal rate, which includes the NCATS subsidy; UCSF users paying with industry-sponsored funds and affiliates noted below are charged the full cost of service; external clients and those paying via check are charged the full cost of service plus 26% indirects.

To pay by recharge, you'll need to provide either a speedtype or chartstring after the initial consultation.

Internal, subsidized hourly rates and corresponding subsidies for FY 2020-21, beginning August 1:

  • $235/hour for faculty consultants (services provided after initial consultation)
  • $170/hour for senior staff consultants
  • $100-$125/hour for staff analysts and consultants
  • See details for external rates and subsidies (PDF 85KB)