Community-Engaged Research Consultation

Get expert advice on community based participatory research:

Getting Started

  • Proposal development, study design
  • Finding funding source
  • Finding & developing community research partnerships
  • Addressing project sustainability
  • Establishing a community advisory board
  • Reviewing budget proposals for community components
  • Providing mentorship & training

Data Collection

  • Identifying community samples
  • Reviewing survey instruments
  • Reviewing data collection methods
  • Reviewing consent procedures/instruments
  • Establishing an evaluation plan
  • Addressing recruitment, retention & logistical issues
  • Creating staff training

Dissemination & Action Steps

  • Establishing authorship guidelines
  • Engaging the community with research findings
  • Conducting alternative community-based dissemination
  • Writing for multiple audiences
  • Working with the media
  • Training providers
  • Implementing advocacy - local, state, national


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