Community-Engaged Research Consultation

We offer the following services for the UCSF research community – both UCSF research teams hoping to engage community partners in their work, and community members hoping to partner with UCSF researchers. 

Community engagement can happen at any and all stages of the research process and can make research a powerful tool to address health equity. The myriad ways in which the Community Engagement Program can assist are listed below. At least the first hour of the consultation is supported by CTSI. Contact us now!

Getting Started

  • Proposal development, study design
  • Finding funding source
  • Finding & developing community research partnerships
  • Addressing project sustainability
  • Establishing a community advisory board
  • Reviewing budget proposals for community components
  • Providing mentorship & training
  • Providing support for study translation  
  • Addressing language access and diversity

Data Collection

  • Identifying community samples
  • Reviewing survey instruments
  • Reviewing data collection methods
  • Reviewing consent procedures/instruments
  • Establishing an evaluation plan
  • Addressing recruitment, retention & logistical issues
  • Creating staff training
  • Recruitment of diverse populations

Dissemination & Action Steps

  • Establishing authorship guidelines
  • Engaging the community with research findings
  • Conducting alternative community-based dissemination
  • Writing for multiple audiences
  • Working with the media
  • Training providers
  • Implementing advocacy - local, state, national


Request Consultation

This service is free for the entire consultation period.

Related Resources

Our consultations can take shape in many ways:

Our staff can leverage our extensive connections with the University and beyond to connect you directly to experts and resources you need, often with an introductory email or telephone call. In addition, if desired, we can help foster and facilitate development of long-term partnerships. 

If more extensive involvement is desired, our staff can support deeper relationships between research teams and community partners to address a range of community-engagement needs. We leverage our relationships across the University and in surrounding communities to help you do work that aligns with our mission.

We can help you answer challenging questions and refine your work by convening experts from UCSF, local communities and beyond to meet with you. Previous facilitations have focused on strategic planning, consensus building, and action planning. Facilitating a group typically requires four-to-six weeks to plan.

Our online guides can help you understand opportunities for and steps to engagement. We also provide training for community clinics, community organizations and other partners interested in using science, research or evaluation to improve or strengthen their community-based efforts.


Please send comments or questions to CTSI Consultation Services:
Email: [email protected]

If you have not been contacted by a member of the consulting team within three business days of submitting your request, please get in touch with us.

About Your Request

Cite CTSI CTSI heavily subsidizes consultations. Any publications that benefit from a consultation should cite the CTSI grant.

By submitting a request, you agree to provide feedback and a short evaluation of our services, providing the titles of manuscripts or grants resulting from your consultation(s) upon request.