Impacting Policy by Accelerating Translation (IMPACT) Consultation

IMPACT-oriented science supports decision-makers in using the latest research and evidence to guide their decision-making. The IMPACT Program assists researchers and scientists with translating their evidence into policy, guidelines, and regulations.

The IMPACT consultation service helps researchers develop competency in the following domains:

  1. Conducting IMPACT-Oriented Science
  2. Recognizing Researcher’s Responsibilities
  3. Partnering with Decision-Makers
  4. Translating for Decision-Makers
  5. Growing an IMPACT-Oriented Career

IMPACT consultations can assist researchers with issues such as:

  • Understanding the spectrum of policy and practice change opportunities.
  • Knowing when there is sufficient and adequately rigorous data to advocate for a policy approach or practice guidelines.
  • Identifying key decision-makers and their representatives and stakeholders, advocates, or communities who they respond to.
  • Achieving advancement and promotion with an IMPACT-oriented career.
  • Support with writing policy briefs, op-eds, sign-on letters, etc. 
  • Review of completed dissemination materials, including policy brief, infographic, presentation, etc.
  • Methods and strategies for policy evaluation.

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Consultations are free. On occasion, extended engagements may incur costs.



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